Portsmouth Guildhall - 6:30 pm

Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June 2019

Photos and DVD for 2018 now available!

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The Portsmouth Schools’ Music Festival has been in existence for 92 years this year! In that time, the Festival has given a continuing opportunity for children in many schools from Portsmouth and the surrounding area to celebrate their talents and their music at an annual gathering.


In recent years, the Festival has invited choirs, bands, orchestras, dancers and performers from over seventy schools to perform on stage at the Portsmouth Guildhall.


The Portsmouth Schools’ Music Festival is dedicated to continuing this great tradition. It is also dedicated to giving even more opportunities to pupils, teachers, schools, parents and supporters to allow the children of Portsmouth to perform, enjoy and further their musical talents.


Our organisation is wholly dependent upon the time, effort and goodwill of volunteers and the sponsorship of those who wish to see the Portsmouth Schools’ Music Festival continue and thrive.


Bringing music to schools … and schools to music …

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